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When You Should Take Your Child for an Orthodontic Evaluation

Healing teeth

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, your children should have an orthodontic evaluation before they are seven years-old. Our experienced orthodontist, Dr. Chris Murphy, says a child’s molar teeth are usually developed at this age. That makes it possible for him to identify and prevent potential issues like overcrowding […]

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Straightening Your Teeth Discreetly with Lingual Braces


Did you know that you can straighten misaligned teeth or correct bite issues without anyone knowing? Lingual braces, one of the many treatment options offered by Murphy Orthodontics, can improve the look of your smile without the tell-tale signs of metal braces on the front of your teeth. The braces […]

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Phoenix Orthodontist Announces New Location

Murphy Orthodontics, orthodontic treatment, Invisalign, Phoenix Orthodontist, Dr. Chris Murphy

Murphy Orthodontics is moving to a new office building, adjacent to Desert Ridge Marketplace, to provide their growing number of patients with all-inclusive orthodontic care. Phoenix, AZ – Murphy Orthodontics, an orthodontic practice serving the Phoenix area, has announced that its Scottsdale office will be moving to 5355 East High […]

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Phoenix Orthodontist Acts As Local Advocate for Ovarian Cancer Walk

Dr. Chris Murphy and his Phoenix orthodontics practice have a strong record of community service including donations of discounted dental services, sponsoring scholarship programs, and encouraging active engagement in the Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Arizona’s ovarian cancer walk. Phoenix, AZ – Creating a caring environment is integral to the mission […]

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Phoenix Orthodontist Sponsors Scholarship Program

Dr. Chris Murphy’s practice uses the Murphy Orthodontics Scholarship Program to help former and current patients subsidize their first semester at college and encourage continuing education. Phoenix, AZ – Dr. Chris Murphy is dedicated to patient education at his Phoenix orthodontics practice. At Murphy Orthodontics, he strives to educate his […]

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