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Following orthodontic treatment, most patients receive a retainer to wear that will help keep their teeth secure in the new position. This orthodontic appliance is often the final stage of a patient’s treatment and the length of wear will depend on an individual’s unique orthodontic needs. It is very important to note that neglecting to use your retainer as often as directed can lead to serious complications, with some of the most common being: 

While retainers are a crucial component of many orthodontic treatments, board-certified orthodontist Chris Murphy, DDS, MS realizes that some patients struggle to wear their retainer as directed. If this causes a relapse in orthodontic progress and results, Dr. Murphy offers treatment options that can be helpful in those cases: 


An innovative orthodontic treatment, Invisalign® is often a popular alternative to traditional braces. This treatment involves clear, removable aligner trays that can effectively straighten misaligned teeth and correct bite irregularities. Additionally, Invisalign® can serve as a good option to address orthodontic relapse in many cases. 

Invisalign® Teen 

Not only can Invisalign® Teen help younger patients achieve a straighter smile, this adolescent-centered option can address concerns caused by lack of retainer wear. The treatment is made specifically for teens and their unique orthodontic needs, while simultaneously offering the same benefits as Invisalign®

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