Here at Murphy Orthodontics, we completely understand the need to provide all individuals with options when it comes to interacting with our orthodontics team in an era where convenience and safety are so important. Even before the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we had been considering methods of communication and orthodontic evaluation that offer patients more choices and enhanced tools, without compromising our high standards for safe, accurate, effective, and attentive care. With all of this in mind, our board-certified orthodontist in Phoenix and Goodyear, Chris Murphy, DDS, has instituted a new consultation system that offers patients a number of new ways to interact with our practice and obtain the care they need.

Our complimentary initial consultation options include:

In-Person Consultations

In-person consultations here at the office are still the most popular method of meeting with Dr. Murphy and our orthodontics team. You can contact our practice via e-mail or by phone at any time to begin the process of scheduling an in-person consultation. Rest assured that we have implemented strict precautionary measures for safety and risk mitigation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our enhanced office safety protocols include social distancing precautions, liberal use of personal protective equipment (PPE) for our staff and our patients, consistent disinfection of high-touch surfaces, hand-sanitizer throughout the office, facial covering requirements, and COVID-19 screening questionnaires for everyone who enters our practice, including our own team members.

Semi-Virtual Consultations

Some patients may elect to do a semi-virtual consultation, which essentially allows patients to do part of their consultation from home, and the other part here at our practice. This method can ultimately minimize the average time patients spend at the office during an in-person consultation by performing some of the typical steps of the consultation virtually. The first step of a semi-virtual consultation would occur in-person. This part usually takes about 20 minutes and involves x-rays and a 3-Dimensional scan of your oral structures. Then, our office will schedule a second, “virtual” appointment that can be done from your home via mobile teleconference. During the virtual appointment, Dr. Murphy can go over the x-rays and scans with you and talk about a potential treatment plan. You can visit our contact page or call us to inquire about semi-virtual consultations.