When it comes to correcting bite irregularities, spacing and misalignment concerns, and other issues, orthodontic treatments such as braces have certainly proven very effective for many adults and adolescents. Along with improved teeth and bite alignment, it is important to take steps during the orthodontic treatment process that can reduce the possibility of a “flat smile” that lacks curvature and fullness after the braces are removed. Our board-certified orthodontist Chris Murphy, DDS, MS, is one of very few providers in the valley who is extensively trained in the smile arc orthodontic technique. This method can go a long way toward ensuring that patients achieve a broader, fuller-looking smile once orthodontic treatment is complete.

What Is the Smile Arc Technique?

The smile arc technique (also known as smile arc protection) is one of the many state-of-the-art orthodontic treatment options available at our practice. It basically involves placing the brackets required for braces treatment higher up on the teeth, rather than in the middle. The smile arc protection approach allows the teeth alignment to more closely follow the bottom lip. This can minimize the potential that smile aesthetics after orthodontic treatment may look “flat” to the lips, and ultimately maximizes the possibility of achieving a fuller smile arc that enhances the visibility of the teeth.

What Are the Benefits of the Smile Arc Technique?

With its focus on providing a broader smile with more teeth visible after orthodontic treatment, the smile arc technique can help many patients retain their smile’s natural curvature or enhance the smile arc for patients who lack natural curvature. This can help produce orthodontic treatment outcomes that display more teeth and create a wider smile, rather than a narrow or “flat” smile aesthetic.

How Does the Smile Arc Technique Work?

The treatment process follows essentially the same steps required for traditional braces; however, the smile arc technique places the brackets in a higher position on the teeth. Before placement, the teeth will be cleaned and polished. Then, the brackets are adhered to the upper surface area, and the arched wire is attached. The positioning of the brackets on the upper teeth can produce treatment outcomes that feature an enhanced smile arc that allows for a fuller smile.

Once you meet with our orthodontist for your initial consultation, he will talk with you about the most ideal treatment for your needs and develop a customized treatment plan. For optimal results, it is important to maintain a strong oral hygiene routine, follow all post-procedure instructions, and attend regular check-up appointments as scheduled.

Why Choose Dr. Murphy for Smile Arc Treatment?

Not every orthodontist can perform the smile arc technique. Dr. Murphy completed additional training to provide this option to our patients, and he is one of the few orthodontists in the area who offers it. He is committed to helping patients of all ages achieve a healthy, beautiful, and well-functioning smile, and that dedication is reflected in his vast educational and training background. Dr. Murphy has been voted as one of Phoenix’s Top Orthodontists and is a member of multiple renowned orthodontics organizations, including the American Association of Orthodontists, American Dental Association, and Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists. Along with his professional team, Dr. Murphy strives to provide patients with the highest-quality of care in a safe, comfortable, and welcoming environment.

For more information about the smile arc technique or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Murphy, contact our office today.