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Has your at-home aligners company left you in the dark? Our board-certified orthodontist, Chris Murphy, DDS, can help keep your smile progress on track with a personalized orthodontic treatment plan. Dr. Murphy is committed to helping patients achieve their dream smile with a variety of options, including Invisalign® and traditional braces. When supervised and tracked by a skilled orthodontist like Dr. Murphy, patients are more likely to see satisfactory results from their chosen treatment.

For many adult patients who have been stranded by their at-home aligners company, Invisalign® and braces offer a more predictable outcome. Invisalign® treatment can often seamlessly fit into your schedule, with follow-up appointments typically only necessary every 12 weeks instead of monthly. With Invisalign®, Dr. Murphy can pick up where those other aligner companies left off and ensure smile progress remains on course. At Murphy Orthodontics, patients can also opt for traditional braces that are known for being more cost-efficient, more comfortable than previous versions, and exceptionally effective. For individuals with more severe orthodontic concerns, braces may be the recommended option. 

Dr. Murphy is an Invisalign® Top 1% Provider and is highly experienced in administering this popular orthodontic treatment. As an Invisalign® expert, he is incredibly proficient with the process and has helped many patients correct issues such as misalignment, crowding, and bite irregularities. Dr. Murphy is also known for his ability to utilize Invisalign® even for particularly severe orthodontic conditions. The entire Murphy Orthodontics team is dedicated to helping both adult and adolescent patients on their dental journeys and finding the right orthodontic treatment for their individual needs.  

To learn more about Invisalign® and at-home aligners, contact our office today to schedule a consultation.