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For decades, traditional metal braces have been able to significantly improve the appearance and function of a patient’s smile. Specifically, the treatment has been an effective option for straightening “crooked” teeth and correcting bite irregularities. For patients with certain types of orthodontic conditions that make them feel self-conscious about their appearance, traditional metal braces may be an ideal solution to successfully enhance smile aesthetics. 

Traditional braces consist of metal brackets adhered to the front of the teeth, connected by metal wires. In some cases, metal braces may be recommended to address particularly severe orthodontic issues, such as significantly misaligned teeth or pronounced bite misalignment. Highly durable braces can be effective by adjusting the position of your teeth to create a straighter-looking smile. The treatment can even correct an underbite or overbite for improved functionality.

At Murphy Orthodontics, board-certified orthodontist, Chris Murphy, DDS is committed to providing patients with the smile of their dreams. He’s experienced at addressing a variety of orthodontic concerns and skilled in multiple treatment options and techniques. Differing from many other orthodontic practices, Dr. Murphy is also able to utilize Invisalign® treatment for severe orthodontic concerns and complex cases. Whether Invisalign® or traditional braces offer the most ideal solution will ultimately depend on your unique needs and goals as determined during the initial evaluation with Dr. Murphy. For more information about metal braces or other orthodontic alternatives like Invisalign®, contact our office today to schedule a consultation.