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Phoenix orthodontist Chris Murphy, DDS discusses how Invisalign<sup>®</sup> treatment can benefit adults and teenagers alike in a discreet way.Dr. Chris Murphy with Murphy Orthodontics highlights how Invisalign® can help adults and teens address orthodontic issues in a more subtle way than braces.

Phoenix, AZ – Orthodontic problems affect patients of all ages. Common concerns include “crooked” and crowded teeth, bite irregularities, and unwanted gaps between the teeth, leaving many individuals feeling insecure and self-conscious every time they smile. For decades, traditional metal braces have remained a popular treatment for those types of orthodontic issues, and can still be the most ideal solution in some cases. However, over the last several years, an orthodontic option called Invisalign® has become a top procedure chosen by patients. Phoenix orthodontist Chris Murphy, DDS notes that Invisalign® is one of the biggest orthodontic advancements to date and can be an effective method for straightening teeth and correcting other common conditions for many individuals, adults and teenagers alike.

For many patients, Invisalign® can effectively correct orthodontic concerns in a discreet way. The treatment includes clear, removable aligners that gradually shift teeth into the desired position. Dr. Murphy recognizes that many patients prefer Invisalign® over metal or clear braces due to the removable element, in addition to the fact that the aligners are translucent and almost undetectable on the teeth as they are being worn. The process begins with Dr. Murphy taking a 3D iTero scan of the patient’s teeth for custom-created aligners. Patients will receive a set of aligners to wear for a week and then replace them with the next set, repeating the cycle throughout the duration of treatment. Since each set of aligners is slightly adjusted from the previous one, the small changes in the aligners allow for the teeth to gradually shift into a straighter position. On average, Dr. Murphy estimates treatment will take six to 15 months for preferred outcomes; however, it is ultimately dependent on the patient’s needs and goals. 

For adolescent patients, Dr. Murphy offers Invisalign® Teen, which is tailored towards teenagers and their unique orthodontic concerns. The technique utilizes the same process as adult Invisalign® treatment while still addressing the orthodontic needs of younger patients. Many teens prefer the clear and discreet appearance of Invisalign® over the obvious look of metal braces.

Dr. Murphy says that, with Invisalign®, patients have more options than ever before to address and correct common orthodontic conditions. That said, he explains that, for some individuals, certain orthodontic concerns may be better addressed with traditional braces or another type of treatment. To find out whether Invisalign® or an alternative treatment is the best option, Dr. Murphy suggests that individuals who are interested in orthodontic correction schedule a consultation with a qualified orthodontist for a comprehensive evaluation.  

About Chris Murphy, DDS
Dr. Chris Murphy is a board-certified orthodontist and the head of Murphy Orthodontics. He earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree with Honors at the University of the Pacific Dental School, as well as his Master’s degree in Orthodontics at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston. Dr. Murphy has been recognized as a Top Orthodontist in Phoenix Magazine and is an Invisalign® Top 1% Provider. At Murphy Orthodontics, he offers a wide variety of dental treatments for both adults and children. Along with being certified by The American Board of Orthodontics, he is also a member of The American Association of Orthodontists, The American Dental Association, and The Arizona Dental Association. Dr. Murphy is available for interview upon request. 

For more information about Dr. Murphy and his practice, please visit murphyorthodontics.com and facebook.com/MurphyOrthodontics.  


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