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shutterstock_150281285Invisalign® orthodontic treatment has come a long way since it was first introduced. In fact, patients who may have been told years ago that they were not candidates for the procedure may now be eligible due to significant advances in the Invisalign® technology. A system of clear, removable aligners that work to gradually move the teeth into a straighter position, Invisalign® has helped both adults and teenagers renew their smile in a more comfortable and discreet way, eliminating many of the aesthetic drawbacks of traditional braces.

Candidates for Invisalign® are typically those who are experiencing:

I would recommend Invisalign® clear teeth aligners to patients who wish to improve their smile and self-confidence in a way that does not draw attention from others the way metal braces and wires do. Compared to traditional braces, Invisalign® offers less hassle, greater comfort, and a much less noticeable way to correct common orthodontic issues. In some cases, those who have severe problems with crowding and teeth misalignment may benefit more from an alternative treatment; however, Invisalign® has only gotten better over the years, and more and more patients than ever before are candidates for this advanced procedure.

Dr. Chris Murphy
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