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Invisalign® Teen

Teenagers who need orthodontic treatment are often most concerned with the effect that braces will have on their appearance. But with Invisalign® Teen, the days of “metal-mouth” and “brace-face” may be over. This version of Invisalign® clear tooth aligners is specifically made for adolescents and teenagers, using the same technology of the adult Invisalign® treatment but designed for your teenagers unique orthodontic needs. These removable, clear aligners can be effective alternatives to braces, and even provide results in a shorter amount of time.

Please contact Dr. Chris Murphy for more information on Invisalign® Teen, or to schedule a complimentary consultation at our practice.

Invisalign® Teen Benefits

Invisalign® Teen involves no brackets, bands, or wires, making teeth-straightening treatment a more comfortable process. Invisalign® Teen also offers a number of benefits that have teenagers’ lifestyles in mind, including:

  • Clear teeth aligners that are virtually invisible to others
  • Aligners that are removable for eating, drinking, and teeth cleaning
  • No metal brackets or wires
  • More comfortable teeth positioning
  • Less time spent in the orthodontist’s chair
  • Less frequent follow-up office visits

Invisalign® Teen Process

Invisalign® Teen involves a custom-fit series of trays that you can apply at home. Each tray of tooth aligners is modified from the one before, allowing your teeth to progressively move into the desired position. Once every two weeks, you will change out the aligners for the next in the series. After about 6 to 15 months, optimal results of Invisalign® Teen may already be apparent.

With Invisalign® Teen, you can achieve straighter teeth in less time than it often takes for traditional metal braces to accomplish. Plus, no one even has to know you are undergoing treatment!