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Every year, the team at Murphy Orthodontics picks a specific charity with which to partner or sponsor. A very close family member of mine has epilepsy, and we know some others who are afflicted with the condition as well. Since we always try to pick something that’s close to home, the Epilepsy Foundation of Arizona was our choice for 2015.

Epilepsy is a condition that affects millions of people in the U.S. It can be experienced by people of any age. While some have lived with epilepsy for many years, others can have sudden onset. Epilepsy can cause individuals to experience terrible seizures that affect both physical and mental functions. With everyone’s help, we can assist the Epilepsy Foundation of Arizona in its work toward finding a cure, educating people who have the disorder as well as the public, and advocating for those who have epilepsy.

On February 6th, the organization held a Walk for Epilepsy AZ event (postponed from last fall) in which we invited patients, loved ones, and anyone else who wanted to join. We paid for all the entry fees, and all that money then, of course, went toward the foundation. We also did our part in raising awareness through social media and other avenues.


Plus, kids who wanted to donate to the cause were able to do so with Murphy Money! Our Murphy Money program involves tokens that children earn for good brushing, taking care of their orthodontic appliances, wearing their Murphy Orthodontics t-shirt to their appointment, and other accomplishments. For every donated token, a real monetary value was assigned and then donated to the Epilepsy Foundation of Arizona. We gathered the coins, tallied them up, and sent them in along with the full donation that was given to the Foundation.

We are very proud to be associated with the remarkable Epilepsy Foundation of Arizona, and we’ll have more details to share with you about our chosen charity for 2016 coming soon!

Dr. Chris Murphy
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