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How would you like to attain straighter teeth in a more comfortable and more hygienic way? Damon™ System braces, developed by Dr. Dwight Damon, have literally changed the face of orthodontic treatment and made the process faster and more comfortable. Using a “self-ligating” technique, Damon™ braces requires no steel or elastic ties to hold the wires in place. This greatly helps in alleviating pressure while the teeth move into a better position. Both treatment time and follow-up visits to our orthodontist are reduced with the innovative Damon™ System.

Please contact Dr. Chris Murphy for more information on Damon™ braces, or to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Damon™ Braces Benefits

Damon™ braces typically do not require the extraction of healthy teeth or other techniques to make space in your mouth. Traditional braces often involve metal or elastic ties to hold wires together, usually resulting in a feeling of pressure and discomfort among the teeth while they are moving into the desired position. The Damon™ System utilizes a technology called self-ligation, a process which eliminates the need for the ties and lessens the feeling of tightness during treatment. Plus, Damon™ braces use shape-memory wires that are able to move the teeth into position faster, ultimately cutting treatment time. Damon™ braces also diminish the amount of food and moisture that can become trapped along the brackets, allowing for more efficient teeth cleaning.

Even better, Damon™ braces are available with clear brackets to lessen the visual impact and give you a more aesthetically pleasing smile during treatment.

Dr. Murphy can meet with you to discuss all aspects of treatment with Damon™ braces and how they can help you achieve your goals. With this innovative technique, you can attain many of the same benefits of traditional braces with greater comfort and less self-consciousness about how your teeth look to others.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Damon™ Braces

Why should I get Damon™ braces?

The Damon™ System is designed to work quickly and can often be more gentle than traditional metal braces. The material is lightweight, which can minimize discomfort, and the braces are small, which helps make them more discreet. Below, we have outlined a few common reasons our patients choose Damon™ braces:

How long do I wear Damon™ braces?

Our patients like the Damon™ System because it is typically faster than traditional braces and requires fewer appointments. Studies have shown that patients who wear Damon™ braces can have a shorter treatment than traditional braces, often by approximately six months. It is important to note that each individual will have a different experience, but Dr. Murphy can discuss your specific case with you during the consultation.

Do Damon™ braces hurt?

Typically, patients report that conventional braces can be painful because they require the orthodontist to tighten them. With Damon™ braces, this tightening method is not needed. The Damon™ System strives to create a comfortable process by using a sliding mechanism with lighter forces to move the teeth into appropriate positions.

Are Damon™ braces noticeable?

Dr. Murphy offers Damon™ braces with clear brackets so that you may discreetly straighten your teeth. The brackets use a passive sliding mechanism which eliminates the need for elastic or metal ties, helping to make the system less visible.

Will I need to wear headgear?

Depending on the patient’s needs, some traditional orthodontic techniques require the use of bulky headgear and palatal expanders to create space and develop arches. However, these types of cumbersome applications are typically not needed with Damon™ braces.

How much do Damon™ braces cost?

In your consultation with Dr. Murphy, he can determine the length of your specific treatment. Most often, the cost of the treatment will depend on your needs and how long it may take to achieve your desired results. Our office staff can work with you to see what your insurance policy will cover and what financing options may best suit your needs.

Can adults and children wear Damon™ braces?

At Murphy Orthodontics, we often treat both adult and pediatric patients with the Damon™ System. Patients who use these braces can correct a number of common orthodontic concerns with exceptional results.

For more information about Damon™ braces, or to schedule a consultation, please call our office today.