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Traditional Braces

There are a number of traditional braces techniques that can help you re-position your teeth in a comfortable, discreet manner. Traditional braces often come in both metal and clear varieties, and are composed of brackets and wires that work to move the teeth into a straighter position. Although traditional orthodontic techniques can sometimes be overshadowed by new methods such as Invisalign® and other innovations, metal and clear braces have improved significantly over the years and can serve as excellent alternatives for patients who may not be candidates for other orthodontic treatments.

Please contact Dr. Chris Murphy at Murphy Orthodontics to schedule a consultation for braces treatment. Dr. Murphy can give you a full orthodontic evaluation and discuss all of your options.

Thank you so much for getting my teeth straight! Not only has it changed my teeth but my jaw and whole face as well! I’m glad to have the braces off, and I’ll be smiling a LOT more now!
Tyler C. May 2010

Metal Braces Benefits

Often derided as not being the most aesthetically pleasing method of straightening a person’s teeth, the fact is that metal braces are a highly effective, and often a more cost-effective alternative to other treatments. Plus, advances in orthodontics have made these commonly performed braces treatments more hassle-free, more hygienic, and less visible to others. Benefits of metal braces include:

  • Metal braces are often less expensive than other types
  • Innovations in design have made some metal braces more comfortable and more aesthetically pleasing
  • Metal braces are highly durable

Metal braces can dramatically improve the most seriously misaligned teeth and have you smiling with straighter teeth for years to come.

Clear Braces Benefits

Clear braces often encompass both translucent and ceramic braces. Translucent braces are typically made of a plastic alloy, and ceramic varieties are tinted to match the color of your teeth. These types of braces function very similarly to traditional metal braces, but they are designed specifically to be less visible in your mouth.

Benefits of clear braces include:

  • Translucent or ceramic braces are less visible than metal braces
  • Brackets are designed to be stain-resistant
  • Some types of clear braces utilize self-ligation, a technique which requires no elastic or metal ties to keep wires in place and can position the teeth with less pressure

Traditional braces techniques are not like they were in the past. Dr. Chris Murphy can come up with an orthodontic treatment plan for you that utilizes traditional braces in the most comfortable and cosmetically pleasing way possible.