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Braces don’t have to be a burden – in fact, with today’s innovations in orthodontics, they can even be fun! We are now giving kids the option to choose new WildSmiles Braces® over traditional braces to help them express themselves while straightening their teeth at the same time. With WildSmiles, your child can achieve the exact same results as they would with conventional braces, only in a much more exciting way.


WildSmiles Braces® are popular options among our patients aged 8 to 10, but they can be used for older children as well. During the first phase of orthodontic treatment, we can use WildSmiles’ shapes on your child’s brackets to help them feel better about the appearance of their teeth when they smile. There all kinds of shapes available, including hearts, stars, diamonds that look like the Superman insignia, footballs, and many other options.


There is virtually no difference between the mechanics of WildSmiles and traditional braces. The only distinction is the pad that’s affixed to the tooth for orthodontic treatment – instead of a rectangle, it can be a shape of your child’s choosing. The results of treatment should also be no different from what can be accomplished with conventional brackets.


There are some cases where WildSmiles may not be the best option for your child; however, many children are candidates for this procedure. During your consultation, we can talk with you about your options and determine if WildSmiles is right for your child.
If you’d like to learn more about WildSmiles Braces® or other orthodontic options from Dr. Chris Murphy, please contact our practice today!

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