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“Dr. Murphy is an amazing orthodontist!  He is always very patient with my son who is your typical teenage boy that does not necessarily do as asked.  My son, who is very shy is extremely comfortable with both the staff and Dr. Murphy.  Everyone is always so sweet and kind to us.  My family, like many others, does not have insurance coverage for orthodontic care.  Dr. Murphy and his staff made it easy to arrange a monthly payment plan that was very affordable.  My husband has also begun treatment with Dr. Murphy and is extremely satisfied with the care he has received thus far.  I would definitely recommend Dr. Murphy to any child or adult looking to get top notch orthodontic care.”
Becky B., Litchfield Park
August 15, 2013


“Before coming to Dr. Murphy I was told by several orthodontists that Invisalign would not be able to correct my smile.  Dr. Murphy and his staff were happy to take my case and after 15 months of treatment I had an even better smile than anticipated.  Dr. Murphy and his staff were with me every step of the way and were always flexible to my busy schedule.  If you have a need for orthodontic services I highly recommend Murphy Orthodontics.”
Kyle V., Scottsdale
June 29, 2013


“Both of my children go to Dr. Murphy.  So far we have had a great experience!  ALL of the staff members there are super friendly.  If you are in need of financing they will help you.  They always try to make the experience easy for everyone involved.  I would recommend them to anyone!”
Kim D. Scottsdale
June 21, 2013


“My daughter had an amazing orthodontic experience with Dr. Murphy.  After her braces were off, it was time for mom to do the same.  I am so glad I did.  My experience was just as great.  My daughter and I are so much more confident with our smiles now.  Do it for yourself, it is well worth it.  You will never regret getting braces, especially when you choose Dr. Murphy!  Staff was always kind and professional.”
Christy H., Scottsdale
June 19, 2013


“The best orthodontist in Phoenix/Scottsdale!  We highly recommend Dr. Murphy.  If searching for an Ortho, take the time to meet with him and his staff.”
K.M., Scottsdale
June 3, 2013


“This is the best Orthodontist in Arizona! I had braces as a kid, Invisalign 6 years ago & then came to Dr. Murphy one year ago. He took care of all my concerns, got my teeth exactly how I want them & his staff was great to work with. I wish I never wasted any time with anybody else.”
Rhett D., November, 2012 


“Your treatment coordinator/office manager is a doll! Thank you for making things so easy and pain free for the Storie twins today. Looks like we’ll be seeing you regularly for the next oh, 4 years of our lives. Now, it’s time for me to win that iPad2!
Kim K., June, 2012 


“Awesome staff, awesome doctor!! Glad we chose Murphy Orthodontics for my braces and plan to use them for our children!!!”
Jennifer J., June, 2012 


“On spot to answer questions, always returned calls, and gave great advice for treatment. Dr. Murphy and his staff set right expectations. We had a 24 month plan and treatment ended up completing 2 months earlier then expected which exceeded my epecations. Highly recomend Dr. Murphy and his staff!”
Caius G., April, 2012


“I just need to say out loud to the world Murphy Orthodontics is by far the BEST orthodontics office!! Dr Murphy has done a wonderful job with my daughter’s teeth. SHE HAS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SMILE EVER!!! Starting this Wednesday he will attempt my son’s teeth. Very excited!! Also, the staff at the office feels like family. The ladies are amazing. They always have a warm welcoming smile for you and they can fix any crisis at any moment!! Thank you Murphy Orthodontics for all that you do!!”
Heather G., March, 2012


“Everyone there is fabulous thank you for taking care of me and my teeth!!”
Abigail P., March, 2012


“I feel that Murphy Orthodontics is the best place to get your braces.  They are really nice to everyone!  Thanks to my mom for letting me get a perfect smile!”
˜Jessica W., December, 2011 


“I like how everyone is nice and kind to me, and I want to say thank you to everyone who helped me.  Thank you for this great smile!”
˜Michelle N., December, 2011 


“My experience at Murphy Orthodontics was great!  All the people who work there were really nice.  It might have hurt a little bit when we first started, but it was all worth it!  Thank you, Murphy Orthodontics!”
˜Sarah S., December, 2011 


“Murphy Orthodontics was a fun and good experience that was worth every minute.  Thank you!”
˜Nolan S., December, 2011″ 


“I’m very thankful for my new smile.  Thank each and every one of you at Dr. Murphy’s.  I so appreciate your kindness, what a blessing.”
˜Debra G., December, 2011 


“My experience here was great!  Every body is so nice!”
˜Kaylie D., December, 2011 


“I feel wonderful about Dr. Murphy.  It is amazing to have a smile like I have now!”
˜Reagan S., December, 2011 


“I liked how they are all very nice and they make sure it does not hurt.  They are all great and fun too!”
˜Taylor C., December, 2011 


“Dr. Murphy and staff were great.  The treatment went very well and the results were great.  Thanks all!”
˜Eugene O., November, 2011 


“I am very thrilled with my orthodontic results!  Dr. Murphy & staff make every visit special.  I especially appreciate Rhonda’s super-duper ability to take an impression of my teeth in such a way to ensure that I won’t GAG!  You ROCK, Rhonda!”
˜Theresa B., November, 2011 


“Braces as an adult can be very discouraging.  I really never thought I would have that beautiful smile, but I’ve learned it’s possible at any age.  Thank you, Murphy Orthodontics!”
˜April R. November, 2011 


“Murphy Orthodontics was AMAZING!  I will tell everyone about them and say, “They made this smile!”  Thank you!”
˜Logan S. November, 2011 


“Great staff and expert care.  I love my straight teeth.  Thank you!”
˜Jennifer   November, 2011


“I really liked Murphy Orthodontics.  Everyone was amazing at what they did and they were so friendly.  I was always informed of what was to happen during the next visit too, which was really awesome.  Thanks for making my teeth so pretty!
˜Paysen C.  November, 2011 


“My time at Murphy Orthodontics was very good.  They were careful and were very friendly and kind.  Thank you, Murphy Orthodontics!”
Kristina K. November, 2011 


“Dr. Murphy is really cool and nice.  He was always gentle.  All the staff was super nice!”
˜Erica D.  Fall, 2011 


“Murphy Orthodontics is great because they were very honest and I felt like they were really putting me first.  They didn’t rush putting the braces on or keep them on too long.  They really made me feel better about the whole process.”
˜Kat D.  November 2011
“My smile didn’t just happen by itself.  Dr. Murphy deserves the credit.  Invisalign braces are a modern miracle.  If you ask me, if I’d had the old-fashioned metal braces I could just imagine the pieces of rib meat getting stuck in my teeth and brackets after every barbecue.  The staff at the office is always friendly and always puts the patient at ease.  Dr. Murphy is now seeing my older daughters to get their smiles fixed so they don’t have to wait as long as I did.  The girls love him and the hit to my wallet isn’t even as bad as I expected!”
Doug B., Gilbert
August 23, 2011

“I would like to thank all Murphy Orthodontics for making my teeth beautiful and straight and for having a gorgeous smile. Thank you! You guys are awesome! You are so NICE – You ROCK! “
~ Olivia O. October 2010

“Murphy Orthodontics has made me more confident in myself with very little pain involved. It was a great experience. I love my smile now! “
~ Brett D. August 2010

“The care was truly professional. I had complete faith and trust in Dr. Murphy. The staff was the most knowledgeable and friendliest I have encountered. I will recommend this practice to anyone.”
~ Randy P. July 2010

“I was very happy with the way everything was done and how nice everyone was. I want to thank Dr. Murphy and his staff for making my smile great! Now because of them I have straight and awesome teeth!”
~ Max C. July 2010

“I am so pleased with my results! Dr. Murphy and staff were amazing. I started this process wanting to close a gab between my two front teeth. I ended up with an improved profile and a brand new set of teeth . . . and new friends! Thanks again!”
~ Lisa O. June 2010

“Thank you, Dr. Murphy, for helping me get my teeth looking great! I would definitely recommend you to anyone! I look forward to showing my amazing new smile to everyone.”
~ Miranda Q. May 2010

“Thank you so much for getting my teeth straight! Not only has it changed my teeth but my jaw and whole face as well! I’m glad to have the braces off, and I’ll be smiling a LOT more now!” ~ Tyler C. May 2010

“While I had my braces on at Dr. Murphy’s office, it was so fun! I thought I was going to have them on forever but it was less than a year. Now my teeth look great . . . Thanks to everyone who helped. I love Dr. Murphy’s office!”
~ Kayla H. April 2010

“My favorite thing about treatment were the rubber bands and that little blue turbo I had glued to my tooth. Thank you for the wonderful 15 months!”
~ Cynthia H. April 2010

“This was a better experience than I thought. The office staff along with Dr. Murphy was most wonderful. I looked forward to my appointments. Everyone is so sweet. Thank you all for my beautiful teeth! It was ALL good!”
~ Laurie S. March 2010

“Dr. Murphy and staff were very kind and very fast with all my appointments. Thank you so much!!”
~ Callie B. March 2010

“My favorite part of my treatment was the friendly personal treatment every time I came in. Everyone addressed me by my name and was sincere towards how I was doing. I am very, very thankful to everyone at Murphy Orthodontics. You guys are great! I would recommend you to anyone!”
~ Matt F. January 2010


“My orthodontic treatment gave me the confidence to smile again. Dr. Murphy and his staff were extremely helpful through a very important time in my life. I have wanted this smile for a long time and they helped me get it.”
~ Shannon H., January 2010